Junior expresses passion for coffee


While many students at Rockhurst work jobs during the summer and school year, few jobs are as interesting or demanding as junior Frank Paris’s job. Paris has worked as a barista at his family-run coffee shop, Parisi Coffee, since the summer of 2013.

Although some consider baristas only glorified cashiers, baristas do much more. They must know how to make the coffee and operate all the necessary machinery. Paris grew up in a family centered around the coffee industry and has acquired all the neccessary knowledge to be a barista.

“I very much enjoy working as a barista, especially because I have always had a passion for coffee, and I love experimenting with new drink creations,” Paris said.

Several drinks created by Paris are currenlty available to be purchased at Parisi, such as the strawberry vanilla cream soda.

“Working as a barista demands communication skills, because it is one thing to have quality drinks, but customer service and friendliness are what distinguish baristas from other types of employees,” Paris said.

Being a barista has allowed Paris to hone skills such as communiaction and empathy towards others while developing a concrete work ethic.

“Being a barista isn’t strictly hard work, though. The hours of hard work are balanced with fun and interesting interactions with customers and co-workers,” Paris said.

Paris has been able to form frienships with other baristas at Parisi through long hard-working days and the fun downtime in between work. Paris hopes these friendships will allow him to make crucial connections in the coffee industry for the rest of his life.

“I love coffee, the drink and the industry of it. Growing up in a family dedicated to coffee has allowed for this love to grow, along with a desire to learn more and more about the industry of it. So I hope that the connections I make today will allow for a possibe career in the coffee industry if that is something I would like to do when I finish college,” Paris said.

Parisi Café is located off of 119th street and Nall in Park Place at Town Center.

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