KING: The value of senior pictures

012_KING_JACOBWhy do students choose to complicate their busy lives during Senior year and overwhelm themselves with the process of taking hundreds of senior pictures? Students must be crazy to think that paying hundreds of dollars to hire a professional photographer and spending hours on a few picture prints will actually be worth it. After all, you can simply pull your iPhone’s out of your pockets and snap a couple quick ones, right?

Senior pictures are far more than just portraits on paper that one tucks away in his or her closet and doesn’t touch again for another twenty years. They are about celebrating a life stage and something a student and their parents will keep and cherish forever.

For many high school kids, these four years are filled with milestones that are worth noting and celebrating in many ways: one being through pictures of these moments. Senior year is more than just the last year of high school. It is usually the last year with the friends students grew up with and the last year living at home with the memories of childhood still fresh and nearby.

Hiring a professional photographer can more effectively capture these memorable moments with higher quality pictures than a phone or digital camera and is usually a more personal experience that conveys the true essence of your character at the time these pictures are being taken. These photographers know how to take superior pictures that you and your family and friends will appreciate and will want to look back on someday.

Senior year is about being at the peak of adolescence, and it is when students come to the realization that the majority of their life lies in the future. After this point in time, they will likely never see the world the same way they do right now. Documenting this with professional photography is just one way of ensuring that a student never forgets who he was in high school and how he developed into that person.

This sounds like a pretty viable way to spend your money to me. After all, any student wants all the great memories of high school to stick around forever. Being able to look at a picture on a wall fifty years from now and relive all of its memories is priceless and worth much more than one could ever pay.


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