Juggling club thrives after various changes

Strong leadership is essential for any club to succeed at Rockhurst. Charlie Gotschall, Tim Ripper, Parker Heinze and Eric Reeb were the leaders of the juggling club for three years and helped the juggling club become well known to Rockhurst students. All four of these men were members of the class of 2014 and have now left the club in the hands of four juniors.

Vincent Bockwinkel, Phillip Woolley, Payton Heinze and Joseph Sizemore have assumed leadership of the juggling club. After losing several members last year, they have tried to transform the club this year.

“This year, we have tried to make the club more public to the student body. Last year, we practiced away from everything and it was hard for kids to see us,” Bockwinkel said. “This year, we practice primarily in the gym or the commons.”

Changing practice locations has greatly benefitted the club. Last year, the clubs membership was around 10 kids while this year they have seen up to 20 kids at their club meetings.

Much of the club’s desire to branch out and gain more members came from their moderator, Mr. Owsley.

“He provides the motivation behind the club,” Sizemore said. “Without him, I don’t think there would be a juggling club.”

According to the club participants, Mr. Owsley is key to helping the club perform to the best of its ability. Although Mr. Owsley helps direct the shows, he leaves most of the acts and performing to the students.

jugglingAnother change in the juggling club includes many more performance shows, on top of the typical juggling and improv club joint performances three times a year. The next one of these shows is Jan. 9 and will feature a techno theme. Along with the annual performances, the juggling club has performed in more events particularly a few football games on Friday and at a Sion performance. For the second semester, the juggling club would like to continue to perform in more shows and gain more members but they also would like to do a few more performances that they have never done.

“I think it would be really fun to go down to the Plaza and perform in front of people,” Sizemore said. “We talked about that idea for a little, but it hasn’t come together just yet.”


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