FOWLER: Student section steps up

The Rockhurst student section, primarily in regard to the football games, has been known for its large numbers, creative themes such as Braveheart, and for being among the loudest in the city.  Hundreds of students took the four hour trip to St. Louis a few weeks ago for the final game of the Road to Dome state championship against the CBC Cadets.  Although the Hawklets did not emerge victorious, the student section let CBC know what Rockhurst came for.

After a few weeks with poor attendance, the student section came on strong towards the end of the year, with big crowds throughout the playoffs. The theme was “Sea of Blue” and featured a white “R” written in white-clad students. The “ROCK STATE” banner was positioned in front of the anxiety-filled crowd and the cheers began.

Students from the Rockhurst section in 111 of the Edward Jones Dome could be heard clear across the stadium.  “We were so loud we’re echoing through the stadium…there’s no way they are louder than us,” senior Michael Healy said.

Twitter accounts such as Student Section Goals, which has over 10,000 followers, have even taken to mentioning the crowd in their tweets.  With pictures from the Braveheart and the Blackout games, Rockhurst has been noted as one of the best in the Midwest.

As the basketball season is beginning, the student section is expected to be louder than ever when packed into the gym for the two games set to be played against Shawnee Mission East this year.

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