Album Review: The Doobie Brothers- Southbound

The Doobie Brothers’ new album, Southbound, provides listeners with a new twist on the band’s timeless classic sound. The band’s original hits, such as “Black Water”, “Listen to the Music” and many more have been reproduced and infused with a contemporary country twang and supporting vocals.

The new songs on the Doobie Brothers’ most recent album have replaced the easy-flowing, catchy mood that we have come to expect from the band with an excited, upbeat mood. Southbound marks a transition into the country genre for the Doobie Brothers. Although this transition was unforeseen, it was surprisingly effortless and smooth. Every song on the album is instantly recognizable as a Doobie Brothers song.

The use of featured vocalists, such as Zac Brown Band, Blake Shelton and Sara Evans adds a unique element to the album. By bringing in outside talent on all but one song on the album, the Doobie Brothers compromise some of their identity for present-day name recognition. While the songs are still good, they do not compare to the Doobie Brothers’ original songs.

Although the new renditions of the Doobie Brothers’ classic songs have catchy riffs and verses, they do not appeal to those looking for a calm easy-listening experience. The mellow soft rock that once defined the Doobie Brothers musical style has evolved into a southern rock that is comparable to Zac Brown Band and Josh Turner.

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