Senior tight end Heck chooses UNC



It was hard to miss senior Charlie Heck on the football field this season. His 6’7” frame made him the tallest player on the team and also helped him excel as a tight end and defensive end. His hard work on the football field did not go unnoticed by colleges during the season. Richmond, Holy Cross and Kansas State all offered him scholarships during the season, but after the football state championship game, Heck was offered a scholarship to North Carolina that he could not turn down.

“North Carolina feels like home to me. My brother plays football there, and I have been going to see him play for a few years now,” Heck said.

Once he gets to North Carolina next fall, Heck expects to redshirt his freshman season. He is being brought in as a blocking tight end but will use his redshirt season to transition into a tackle. Heck expects this transition to be crucial to his game, as he can put on weight and adapt to the high speed of college football.

The decision to play college football is a stressful process, but the coaches at Rockhurst made it easy for Heck to make his decision.

“Coach Severino always knew that the scholarships would come eventually, and all the coaches just wanted me to go where I would be happy and thrive,” Heck said. “Once I made my decision, I had instant support from my family and coaches.”

Heck believes that Rockhurst will have prepared him for the shift into college football while also handling homework.

“College football becomes your job in college. It dominates most of your college life. But, with all the tutoring and built in study time athletes are given in college, it might seem like a breeze compared to Rockhurst,” Heck said.

While the large frame of #35 will no longer be seen swatting passes or making key blocks at Dasta stadium on Friday nights, Charlie Heck will continue to represent Rockhurst on the collegiate level in Chapel Hill.

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