CPO’s last-minute application tips

As Jan. 1 approaches and Rockhurst seniors scramble to write essays and finish applications, the Rockhurst’s College Placement Office is simultaneously writing recommendation letters, sending transcripts, meeting with students and much more. If you have not yet located the College Placement Office, it is nestled next to the Pastoral Office, where you could also stop to pray that you’re applications are finished by the first of the year. Because they know you are so busy, the College Placement Office has graciously offered some last minute tips to seniors applying to college.

Here’s what they had to say:

1. Make sure your applications are completed in a timely manner. Online applications often include additional components, like transcripts, letters of recommendation and test scores.  Make sure all these documents are requested before Christmas break. Remember that the school is closed during Christmas break and just as you are spending time with your family uninterrupted by the requirements of school, faculty and staff would like to experience the same.

2. Give your college counselors and teachers at least three to four weeks notice if recommendation letters are needed as part of your application. Don’t wait till the day before Christmas break.

3. Submit applications ahead of the deadline. Application websites are often overloaded this time of the year. Therefore, it’s better to not wait till the deadline day.  Bottom line: If possible, submit your applications at least a week before the due date.

4. Make sure you understand the RHS transcript request process clearly. It is your responsibility to do so. You should never assume that your college counselor has telepathic talents and therefore, send these automatically for you.

5. Set a schedule of when you will complete your application. Solicit some assistance from your parents in keeping you accountable.

6. Please replace text message language with standard written English in your applications or correspondences with college admission offices.

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