BOUCHER: Spirit contest is much-improved

011_BOUCHER_NOAHThis year, the Student Government Association is making changes to the annual spirit contest in an effort to give each class a fair chance of winning. In years past, the seniors have always taken home the win, and it has become the norm for the senior class to take one day off as their award.

“Nearly each year the Spirit Contest is adjusted, and sometimes significantly, to create a fairer system that would, at least in theory, create greater interest and energy toward class participation in it,” head of student affairs Mr. Chris Bosco said. “This year was the same, although the group, largely juniors and seniors, seemed particularly interested in adjusting towards fairness.”

As opposed to seniors always winning competitions and getting significantly more spirit points than the second and third place class winners, each class will get an equal and fair chance at winning competitions.

This does mean, of course, that the class of 2015 will now have to compete for the day off, meaning there is no guarantee they will still get it.

“The seniors were very much involved and took a leadership role in the process, recognizing that such adjustments might be for the benefit of the whole community, not simply for the seniors,” Mr. Bosco said. “There was a lot of humor about conflicting goals and giving away the contest, but I believe the seniors are sincere toward creating a better contest – a fairer one and one that is meaningful for longer.”

The seniors are still in the lead with 25 points, and the freshmen are running in second with 15. The juniors are tied for last with the sophomores, opposed to their usual place right behind the seniors.

I think this decision will help foster an attitude at Rockhurst that doesn’t abuse upperclassmen privileges and may even lead to a lower class winning the contest. I also think it will lead to more participation among students in these festivities.

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