Reagan family welcomes healthy baby boy

Mr. Scott Reagan’s presence at Rockhurst has been constant through coaching cross country, making trips with Model UN or teaching history. On Nov. 5, Mr. Reagan’s presence was absent from Rockhurst as he welcomed to his family a new baby boy, Evan.

Evan has been in good health and is doing great, according to Mr. Reagan. He was able to return home with his family only a few days afterward on Nov. 8.

“Having a baby has been a life changing experience,” Mr. Reagan said. “From the moment he arrived, I couldn’t imagine life without him.”

ReaganBeing a first time father, Mr. Reagan was able to gain valuable advice from several teachers at Rockhurst.

“Lots of people have given me advice and shared their experiences. I think the best advice was to just do your best and love your kids,” Mr. Reagan said.

While Mr. Reagan was away with his newborn child, his five history classes (two freshman and three junior classes) needed a sub. So, Mr. Reagan looked to long time friend and fellow coach Mr. Jorge Taracido to fill this void. Mr. Taracido recently retired from Rockhurst last year but was willing to come back to teach to help out his friend.

“The only weird thing about coming back was teaching freshmen. There were a few shadows in the class I was teaching and that was the first time in my teaching career that I had ever had shadows,” Mr. Taracido said.

Mr. Taracido’s stint was short-lived, however, as Mr. Reagan was able to return to school after only a week away from Rockhurst. While Rockhurst missed the presence of Mr. Reagan when he was gone, the school is happy to add a new Hawklet to our community.


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