Video Gem: Cowboy Country Hip-hop Dancing

If you ever find yourself needing to learn some cowboy hip hop dance moves, do not worry. Diane Horner is here to help. In this video, she helps viewers learn how to jive with some cowboy hip hop moves. With the help of Heidi, TJ, Susan and Jamie, Diane shows that dancing can connect music genres, no matter how different the two are. Diane adds a nice transition effect by starting multiple clips standing with her back to the camera and then turning and delivering a short punchline. If you can learn the movies Diane and her dancers are teaching, you will be the life if the party or rodeo. You could be listening to artists like Garth Brooks or Drake and shut the joint down when you whip out the running man-twist-scissors combo. In the words of Diane, “That’s Jammin!”

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