Student Band Minor Drive has Major Drive for Music

011_RICHART_DONOVAN011_NICKERSON_HENRYIt’s not often that students possess the talent and creativity necessary for making their own band, or can handle the responsibility necessary for managing one. However, Rockhurst juniors Henry Nickerson and Donovan Richart have done exactly this. Their band Minor Drive has already produced an album on Soundcloud, titled An Intro, and now have weekly performances.

“Minor Drive began when Donovan and former Rockhurst student Pablo Huguez started jamming together, and after a couple weeks of doing that, they thought it would be cool to bring in a second guitarist and singer; that’s when I came in,” Nickerson said.

Not long after, Huguez would drop out of the band, leaving only Nickerson and Richart to produce new content. “We started jamming, but eventually Pablo stopped being able to make it, so it was just Donovan and I making riffs and making lyrics.”

In a short amount of time, the duo would come to learn each other’s style, and from there, the creative process became a breeze. “Over time, we simply got better. Before joining the band, I had written music by myself, but I had to adapt to creating songs with drums in mind. Since we started, we have gotten miles better, and we are learning more everyday,” Nickerson said.

Being in Minor Drive allows the band to meet new people and become more involved in the social and music scene. “My favorite part about being in Minor Drive is the connection I have with people and getting noticed,” Richart said.

The band doesn’t limit themselves solely to releasing music on the web, They are very active in performing publicly.

“Henry and I have performed at a couple different venues. We’ve played at St. Thomas More, Avila, various house parties, the plaza, and we have an upcoming show at Shawnee Mission East,” Richart said.

“Our performances are always high energy and a lot of fun. We like to get the crowd involved and keep them dancing. You can find us playing at the Plaza al most every weekend,” Nickerson said.

With Nickerson on guitar and lead vocals and Richart on the drums and backup, the two come together to make a great sound that hundreds of fans enjoy.

“Henry’s singing style is pretty similar to Alex Turner’s of the Arctic Monkeys. I think that Donovan’s drum beats sound like ones used in the Black Keys,” junior Eli Pittman said.

“I believe the sky’s the limit for us. We are getting a lot of new chances to play at cool venues, and we are only getting better each day. What our fans have to look forward to is a full length album in the near future. I believe our future looks really bright,” Nickerson said.

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