HODES: Christ, Consumerism and Christmas

Christmas is a time for families to exchange gifts, have conversation over drinks and to be with one another. Christmas is a celebration of life. Although Christmas does mean something different to each individual, as a Catholic, I think Christmas is losing its significance. When the Christmas season begins, usually around Black Friday, people scrambleContinue reading “HODES: Christ, Consumerism and Christmas”

FRANKE: Finals deal with more than grades

Finals are around the corner, and stress is starting to set in. To those of us that have been at Rockhurst for at least a semester, this sensation is nothing new. The sheer amount of content to review is enough to overwhelm even the most determined student. The late nights, the coffee and the stressContinue reading “FRANKE: Finals deal with more than grades”

New debate teacher fills big shoes

Mr. Phillip Helt has some big shoes to fill his first year teaching at Rockhurst. When Mr. Donald Ramsey announced his retirement, the school had to find someone to replace the speech and debate coach of the last four decades, who earned Rockhurst an excellent track record and national recognition. Rockhurst decided that his replacementContinue reading “New debate teacher fills big shoes”

MORRISON: The freshman hurdle

Like most freshman, my first few weeks at Rockhurst were pretty hectic. Coming from a grade school that I had attended for eight years, I wasn’t ready for some of the changes that came with being a high school student. It was a challenge navigating through the halls from class to class, the schedule wasContinue reading “MORRISON: The freshman hurdle”

Junior expresses passion for coffee

While many students at Rockhurst work jobs during the summer and school year, few jobs are as interesting or demanding as junior Frank Paris’s job. Paris has worked as a barista at his family-run coffee shop, Parisi Coffee, since the summer of 2013. Although some consider baristas only glorified cashiers, baristas do much more. TheyContinue reading “Junior expresses passion for coffee”

Behind the scenes of pep assemblies

Pep assemblies are traditional among high schools for their ability to promote school spirit and support school related events or teams. While students enjoy and sometimes criticize the pep assemblies that they are subject to, they often do not consider the planning and effort that goes into creating a assembly. Rockhurst pep assemblies are producedContinue reading “Behind the scenes of pep assemblies”

Rock Chalk Problems- Kansas Men’s Basketball update

After a month, the Kansas men’s basketball team is beginning to take its shape around a freshman-loaded team. This 10th ranked team in the country is currently 7-1, with its one loss coming in a blowout to first ranked Kentucky. Even though the team is off to a hot start, there are certainly some questions thatContinue reading “Rock Chalk Problems- Kansas Men’s Basketball update”

BOUCHER: Hollywood needs originality

On Black Friday at midnight, following the 2014 thanksgiving season, Disney and Lucasfilms finally released the teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie that will come out in 2015. The movie will be the seventh in the series. Excited about the film, and disappointed about the wait, I went to IMDB to see ifContinue reading “BOUCHER: Hollywood needs originality”