Junior sells colorful clothes to students

Rockhurst guys have colorful clothes from all types of brands. Some of the belts, watches and bracelets you may see in the halls at school are made by a Rockhurst student. Junior John Mullen finds time outside of playing varsity soccer to make bracelets and belts as part of the John and Patrick Clothing Company, which he started with his brother.

Mullen launched his company last year and sells primarily to Rockhurst and St. Thomas More students.

“One of the reasons my brother and I started the company was because we wanted to make money. So, we thought about a clothing and accessory line,” Mullen said.

Starting a company isn’t easy, especially balancing soccer, school work, and managing a business.

“At first we really didn’t know what we were doing, but now we’ve got it down,” Mullen said. “[The business] has really evolved from us making our own pretty poor quality belts to having a partner we work with who makes great quality belts.

He believes the company has helped him prepare for life after Rockhurst.

“I’ve learned a lot since starting the company, such as how to price items and how to market them,” Mullen said.
Mullen’s parents have been very supportive throughout the process.

“My parents were happy when my brother and I were interesting in starting a company. They have helped us every steps of the way whenever we have a problem,” Mullen said.

Mullen’s plans also include creating a line of casual and dress socks and ties. But for now he says he plans to focus on increasing the success of the company’s core products before branching out.

With leaving Rockhurst in a couple years, Mullen has an open mind to the company’s future.

“I am not sure where I see the company going in the next couple years,” Mullen said.

To look at Mullen’s items, follow him on Instagram at jpclothingco2013.


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