Q&A: Yell leaders Andrew Mohajir and William Manson

As everyone knows, varsity football plays in the dome this weekend for the state championship. We interviewed yell leaders Andrew Mohajir and William Manson to see what goes on inside the mind of a yell leader and to see what they have to say about the upcoming state championship.

How has this year been going so far in terms of spirit and attendance?

William Manson: It was pretty good, but there was a stretch there during the first two playoff games against less difficult opponents with bad weather, the Royals’ run and Halloween when there was very little attendance. This was also largely because we knew we would easily win 50-0, but besides that it has been fine. Attendance the last couple weeks have been really good.

Andrew Mohajir: Overall, I am a little bit disappointed. The Blue Springs game was not filled to the brim, and that says something. For games like that or against Francis Howell, everyone should go. That should be the place to be and the fact that it isn’t is a little upsetting.

What do each of you contribute that is unique to the team dynamic?

Mohajir: I usually give the braun. Whenever the D-line needs a little pump up, I just walk over and simply say, “Lets go”.

Manson: There’s not a whole lot unique that I contribute.

Mohajir: Manson is the face of the yell leaders.

What’s your spirit animal?

Manson: A rabbit.

Mohajir: I like to think of myself as a Grizzly Bear, prowling into battle.

Who are your heros on the football team and why?

Manson: Oh this is easy, Martin Radosevic. He’s head of pastoral council and special teams gunner. His fearless attitude and the way he plays just resonates really well with me. I’m a huge Martin Radosevic fan.

Mohajir: Mine would be either Matt Schell or Jimmy Dixon… or Will Ridge

Manson: Why?

Mohajir: Because they went to Visitation

Who are your figures of inspiration?

Manson: I’m going to say Mr. Dierks. Just the attitude that he has every day, its so bright, energetic and exciting that every time I work with him I am always so much happier.

Mohajir: Also, he looks great everyday.

Manson: He makes grey hair look cool.

Mohajir: Mr. Dierks is my inspiration to do what I do.

Manson: Shoutout to Joe Leroy as well.

Mohajir: And Ben Stueve.

What is your favorite chant?

Manson: I would say the “Do it” chant is pretty good, it gets everyone involved and it gets everyone going nuts.

Mohajir: I have had this dilemma in my head. There are two chants that I think are amazing. One is “Rocks on a rampage, Ohhh Ahh!” the other one is “Sack Lunch! (Andrew acts like he is eating a sandwich) Num Num Num!”

What’s the theme for the state game and what are your clothing plans?

Manson: The theme is “Blue Out.” It’s a classic one. A lot of blue paint. I will probably be wearing a blue banana hammock speedo and probably paint an R at my chest.

Mohajir: Well at the state games, we are not allowed to have our shirts off.

Manson: *Sighs* How else am I going to show off my massive amount of chest hair

Mohajir: Also, we are offering shirts for everyone to buy that is going to the state game. They are blue shirts that say “Rock State 2014.” Hopefully, everyone will get that because if you don’t you will be kicked out of the student section.

Do you have a message to the students about the upcoming state game?

Manson: Events like these are what makes going to Rockhurst special. It should be a really fun time and probably an experience, one way or another, that you won’t forget for a long time.

Mohajir: Something that I have always been conflicted about for the football games is whether the game is the place to be that night or if there is something else going on. But the state game is the place to be and nowhere else will be better at the St. Louis Dome on Saturday Night.

Manson: Edward Jones Dome, but St Louis Dome works too. There can’t be that many domes in St. Louis.


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