Tracks of the Week: Tapes ‘n Tapes, Tim Barry, Tall Tall Trees and more

Tapes ‘n Tapes – “Omaha”

I’m always into songs that sound a little different, if they’re executed well. How many songs are based around a beat that’s reminiscent of a military snare drum? Yes there are other contributions to the instrumental, like the nice plucky guitar piece and the deep bass guitar. But neither of these things are noticeable enough to be the identity of the song’s sound. What the listener remembers from this song after he or she turns it off is the melodic head singing of Tapes ‘n Tapes, and the interesting, but fitting drum beat.  

Tim Barry – “Banker’s Dilemma”

Right off the bat, Tim Barry makes it clear what the song’s theme is, and what kind of person he is. Barry paints himself as a freeloading bum, but somehow makes this status desirable. We’ve all romanticized being a useless drifter at one point or another. So I’m comfortable enough to say I’m with Barry. Who cares about jobs, and bills and responsibilities when we can just do our own thing for a while. People are hard on country, but what other genre can pull of such self-deprecating, yet simultaneously happy songs?  

Tall Tall Trees – “Men and Mountains”

Tall Tall Trees has very recently become one of my favorite bands. Men and Mountains was the main track that turned me on to their discography. The song starts off with a great banjo riff, but the real work is being put into place behind the scenes. If you pay attention to the background of the song, there is always some form of ambient-sounding instrument piece emanating softly but surely. These post edited instruments are in stark contrast to the natural, bluegrass instruments that head the song, like the banjo, and acoustic guitar. One could put the vocals for “Men and Mountains” behind nearly any folk instrumental and it would work. But the mixing of genres is what makes this song special, and keeps me coming back to Tall Tall Trees’ discography.  

Some more tracks to check out this week:

RDGLDGRN – “Doing the Most”
The Morning Benders – “Excuses”
Books on Tape – “Grow Up”
Geographer – “Kites”

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