HODES: Working in high school benefits student development


As students progress through their four years of high school, emotional maturity is a central part of student development. Throughout high school, students gain a larger sense of responsibility and independence. It’s important for students to place themselves in situations in which they can experience this development. A part-time job is a great opportunity for that.

Personally, I think it is annoying to have to go to work after school or on the weekends because it takes away from my potential leisure time, but I know the benefits of working will pay off in my future employment.

During employment, obviously students will make mistakes and be unsuccessful, which will lead to consequences. It’s the mistakes from which students will learn the most. Having to face adversity leads people to personal growth.

My parents pushed me to get a job, not only for the money, but also to teach me the values of working with other people. Even though high school jobs might not be as serious as jobs that college graduates acquire, they are just as important.

After college, jobs are a necessity that will be the basis for one’s survival and self-worth. The wide-range of opportunity available during employment allows for employees to improve the value of their job. But the only way this can happen, however, is through hard work, determination and responsibility.

Now, not just any job can teach these values. It is nice to be employed by a parent or neighbor and mow their lawn every other week for 20 dollars, but you don’t learn much from this type of job. An ideal job is a job in which productivity and results reflect how hard a student has worked and how they should be rewarded for their work.

I think it is also very beneficial to learn hard lessons rather than being treated gently.  Although students obviously should try to develop enough work ethic to maintain their jobs for as long as possible, a great way for a student to learn a lesson is from being fired. Failure is often one of the best teachers. It allows the student to wonder what went wrong and why he was fired. And after the personal analysis is complete, improvement begins.

This is when a student will realize their full potential and how far he can be pushed until he is exhausted. The student will gain a sense for responsibility and how hard work and determination have a large effect on his results.

I think students need to be disciplined at work to understand that responsibility matters. Procrastination is a death machine that ruins the productivity of some students. The idea that “there is enough time, I’ll do it later” sits in the back of student minds and causes them to waste valuable time. When, in reality, there is a job at hand that is incomplete. The responsibility it takes to learn to avoid procrastinating is what separates the men from the boys.

Without these acquired values, it would be tough to make a pleasant living in “the real world”.

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