SLAYMAKER: “Tryhards” at Rockhurst


In the modern school system, students who achieve high marks are often congratulated by their parents and teachers alike. The expression of a student’s talent through his school work medium through which a teacher evaluates a student and gives him the grades which he will report to colleges when he finally applies. Of course, we all aspire to do well and to succeed–so why do many students not give the effort necessary to receive high marks when they have the intellectual capacity to do so?

In my opinion, the plain and simple answer to this question is that everyone wants to fit in and be popular, and while students are praised for their hard work by their superiors, they often care more about the opinion of their peers. Because of this, students often do not give the effort necessary to succeed, either due to disinterest in school or because they fear it will hurt their chances of fitting in. Like I just said, we all want to fit in and to be part of something, and from all that I have experienced in high school, the idea of a tryhard, or a kid who gives it his all in his schoolwork, is not often the most popular. Those who give their all in athletics are deemed praiseworthy, but for some reason, when this determined attitude shifts over to the classroom, these same kids are laughed at.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many students here at Rockhurst who do not fully reach their academic capabilities because they simply do not care. Yet, the fact that there are some kids who do not give their all because they know they will somehow be discredited and that there are some students who do give their all and are discredited here at Rockhurst is just strange.

Most students at Rockhurst have probably had some experience with somebody deemed a “tryhard”, whether they themselves are this person or it is someone they know. And though this type of person is often made fun of more than he is respected, I very strongly find absolutely nothing wrong with being an academic tryhard, an athletic tryhard or a tryhard in any field since it’s a way to express your talents.

Firsthand, I feel as if I have been discredited for achieving high grades in specific classes. For example, I was sitting in the Student Success Center while tutoring one day after school and was checking my grades on my iPad when one of my friends who was tutoring with me asked how my grades were. I replied saying that they were high and told him my G.P.A, which was higher than his. He simply responded telling me that he deserved a higher G.P.A than I because I worked harder than him and that he was smarter than me. Essentially, I was being made fun of and told I did not deserve to get the grades I did, even though I put in far more work than my friend did, and would consider myself just as intelligent as he.

There is nothing wrong with working your hardest or giving your all, for all it does is open new doors and allow you more opportunities to fulfill your goals. Working your hardest is a way to get noticed and a way to make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd. It is how you express your talent and how you become better in any given area of work than you ever thought you could be.

Working hard in your pursuits gives you an advantage over those who are not willing to work that extra minute in the competition that is life. The focused, determined man with no talent is always going to have the chance to usurp the lazy but incredibly talented man in any given respect.

All I am trying to say is that it confuses me why kids who truly care about their academics and want to go places with their academic achievements are somehow discredited. Why should it matter if that kid is not very smart but just very motivated, and that is how he does as well as he does? Doing the work to get the reward now in high school better prepares you for the life that is ahead of you and allows you incredible new opportunities.

I find nothing wrong with being a tryhard as it simply opens new doors and allows you more ground on which you can fulfill your dreams. Since when has being motivated and dreaming of success been looked down upon? If you care enough about something you will put the necessary effort in. What is wrong with that?

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