St. James director visits Rockhurst

Mr. Doug Langner, Executive Director of the St. james Food Pantry, will be speaking during activity period today about St. James and the benefits it receives from the Harvest Food Drive. St. James is a Catholic parish located in downtown Kansas City, Mo. The parish functions as both a food pantry and soup kitchen for those who are in need of food for themselves and their families.

St. James is one of the two principal beneficiaries of the Rockhurst Harvest Food Drive. Half of the total amount of canned goods and all the coats donated by the Rockhurst community go there directly. During the holiday season when the cold weather arrives, the food kitchen and pantry are always in great need of donated food and coats for the people whom they serve.

During activity period, Mr. Langner will speak to Rockhurst students explaining what exactly St. James is, what they do and how the Rockhurst community helps the parish care for the impoverished of our society.

“It is important for Rockhurst students to see and hear from someone who works directly with the people who receive our gifts. It gives the students a better understanding of how much they can do to help their community,” Mr. Marvin Grilliot, Ignatian Service Director, said.

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