Q&A: AJ Taylor

TOUCHDOWN! AJ Taylorrrrrr! This phrase often reverberates throughout Vincent P. Dasta Memorial Stadium. AJ has had a great junior season and has drawn interest from some big name colleges. AJ recently was offered a full-ride scholarship to play football at K-State. Below is an interview with AJ about his experiences with college recruitment and this year so far.

What is the recruiting process like?
The recruiting process consists of college coaches talking to you and recruiting analysts talking to you about the best ways to get your name out and to get noticed.

Did you go on an official visit to K-State?
I didn’t actually go on an official visit to K-State. My visit was unofficial, but I got a tour of the football facility. Also, I got the chance to talk with Bill Snyder, and I got a chance to meet all the coaches and hear what K-state had to offer.

What is the best part of K-State’s program in your eyes?
The best part of K-State’s program is it’s idea that everyone on the team is family.

What camps or combines did you take part in to get noticed by division 1 colleges?
I went to the Mizzou football camp, K-state camp, and a football combine.

Having been offered a scholarship to an elite Big 12 football program, do you feel like your hard work and long practices have paid off?
I feel like my hard work has definitely paid off because it’s a full ride to a great school. But, it’s not over yet. I’m going to keep working harder and just hope that more offers come.

Check out AJ’s highlight reel here:


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