MOLLOY: KC is more than a sports town

Let me be the first to say that I was over the moon that the Royals were in the World Series. I never thought that I would ever see that happen. With this recent success has come a wave of attention, which needs to be focused on the many things that make our city great. And there are lots of things that make Kansas City special aside from sports.

Everyone knows about KC barbecue; it’s world renowned. But BBQ isn’t the only food that exists here in KC, contrary to popular belief. Kansas City is named as one of the cities that will experience a culinary revolution in the next 5 years, according to Saveur Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, James Oseland. And he’s not wrong. All kinds of restaurants are popping up, and chefs are migrating from large cities to come and start over. I say this because my entire family is in the restaurant business. For years, I’ve heard “we’re next” or “our time is coming.” And yes, our time has come.

KC isn’t just a foodie town, either. Our arts scene is up and coming. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art has national, I may go as far as international, recognition as one of the premier art museums. It is home to a multitude of exhibits on a wide array of subjects. But an art museum doesn’t make a city’s art scene. The addition of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts to the downtown skyline has helped increase this status. But it can’t stop there. We have to promote

The music scene in KC is one the best in the nation, I’d argue. I’ll admit, the dial in my car never stray from 96.5 the Buzz. And from what I’ve heard from them, we’re a pretty good town for aspiring musicians. We’re large enough so that people will actually notice them, but small enough that they’re not lost in the countless beginning bands. Artists such as Janelle Monae, Tech N9ne, and She’s A Keeper have come from KC and have been able to survive and thrive in the music world. And while not all bands make it big, we have plenty of local venues that give them the opportunity.

As I conclude, I want to make this very clear. I am not attacking our sports teams in any way. I am thrilled that we did so well in the MLB Postseason. Really, I am.  But I think that the attention we have received because of sports should be placed in our progressive culinary, arts, and music scene.


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