Junior sells colorful clothes to students

Rockhurst guys have colorful clothes from all types of brands. Some of the belts, watches and bracelets you may see in the halls at school are made by a Rockhurst student. Junior John Mullen finds time outside of playing varsity soccer to make bracelets and belts as part of the John and Patrick Clothing Company,Continue reading “Junior sells colorful clothes to students”

Top 10 Tuesday: The top ten things Taylor Swift is trying to “shake off”

Taylor Swift’s new jam has been stuck in my head, and I really find the song quite annoying (fight me, @Tswift ). So, I’m using my Top 10 List this week to shake it off a cliff and out of my head. Here are the Top 10 things that I think Taylor Swift might beContinue reading “Top 10 Tuesday: The top ten things Taylor Swift is trying to “shake off””

Q&A: Jack Franke discusses the Prep News trip to DC

From Nov. 6 to Nov. 9, members of the Prep News staff traveled to Washington D.C. for a national journalism convention. I sat down with Jack Franke to discuss how the trip went, and more importantly, to learn what he got out of the experience. Why did you as well as other members of theContinue reading “Q&A: Jack Franke discusses the Prep News trip to DC”

Q&A: Yell leaders Andrew Mohajir and William Manson

As everyone knows, varsity football plays in the dome this weekend for the state championship. We interviewed yell leaders Andrew Mohajir and William Manson to see what goes on inside the mind of a yell leader and to see what they have to say about the upcoming state championship. How has this year been goingContinue reading “Q&A: Yell leaders Andrew Mohajir and William Manson”

KOUTELAS: Despite record, Chiefs much improved from ’13

The Kansas City Chiefs’ 2013 season was as much memorable as it was crushing. They got off to a roaring 9-0 start, but lost in the Wild Card game to Indianapolis in the second biggest comeback in NFL history. One thing that the 2013 Chiefs lacked was a signature win. They made a mockery ofContinue reading “KOUTELAS: Despite record, Chiefs much improved from ’13”

AGNELLO: KC hospitality can’t be matched

I had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles this past weekend to visit some of my family.  Going into the trip, I was excited to escape to some warm weather and be in a big city. I was also interested to see some of the differences that may exist between LA and KC, theContinue reading “AGNELLO: KC hospitality can’t be matched”

NFL Midseason Report

AFC North Baltimore Ravens- After a disappointing year last year, Baltimore has gotten off to a decent start with a 6-4 record. However, that 6-4 record is tied for last place in the AFC North. Prediction: 8-8; miss the playoffs Cincinnati Bengals- Fresh off another playoff loss, the Bengals started hot, winning their first threeContinue reading “NFL Midseason Report”

Tracks of the Week: Tapes ‘n Tapes, Tim Barry, Tall Tall Trees and more

Tapes ‘n Tapes – “Omaha” I’m always into songs that sound a little different, if they’re executed well. How many songs are based around a beat that’s reminiscent of a military snare drum? Yes there are other contributions to the instrumental, like the nice plucky guitar piece and the deep bass guitar. But neither ofContinue reading “Tracks of the Week: Tapes ‘n Tapes, Tim Barry, Tall Tall Trees and more”

Coach Lawson leads another successful team

In their recent conquest for state, the soccer team looked to one man for help. That man is Mr. Chris Lawson, the longtime coach and mentor of the highly successful soccer program. Lawson takes a unique holistic approach towards soccer, and prides himself in seeing his student-athletes succeed to the best of their abilities. “HelpingContinue reading “Coach Lawson leads another successful team”

“Nightcrawler” review

“In order to win the lottery, you’ve got to make the money to buy a ticket” says Lou Bloom in the new thriller “Nightcrawler.” This line is repeated fanatically by the character throughout the film and is the crux of Bloom’s beliefs and dreams. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom, a young, extremely motivated and articulateContinue reading ““Nightcrawler” review”