Tracks of the Week: Darwin Deez, Wild Party, Souls of Mischief

Darwin Deez – “Radar Detector”

If anything, Darwin Deez has a very distinct sound, and Radar Detector is a good barometer of what that sound is. Most of Deez’s songs are very poppy, while having a very lo-fi beat. He is geared much more towards the actual sound of his samples, rather than trying to replicate how a live band would play. In regards to Deez’s singing, he is not the most talented vocalist; none of the notes he sings are very far from the typical range for people. However, the vocals are not a drawback on this track. His voice is fun to listen to, and it’s a great song to sing along to. Deez’s main focus doesn’t seem to be trying to be a music purist, but rather putting his energy toward whatever he thinks sounds good.

Wild Party – “When I Get Older”

Wild Party seems to be one of those bands destined for commercial success, but they have yet to break the plane into mainstream music. The lead vocalist almost has a faux English accent when he sings, which really compliments his singing style. The song’s most important trait is how infectiously catchy and easy to digest it is. It starts off with an easy rhythm, provided by a small 4 or 5 note guitar riff, drawing the listener in. The song then picks up it’s pace by adding in a more complicated guitar backing and adding in very well- annunciated clear vocals. Whether it be one in a long string for Wild Party, or a one hit wonder, When I Get Older will most likely break through and become a radio mainstay eventually.

Souls of Mischief  – “‘93 Til Infinity”

This track is much older than most of what we post, but it definitely deserves mention. The rapping itself is much of the usual stuff heard in ‘90s gangsta rap. The lyrics are nothing special. This song’s greatest quality is the beat. During the time this was released, hip-hop had not diverged much as a genre, leaving only the very prevalent gritty gangsta sound. But the beat for “‘93” is much more mellow, sampling light instruments like a xylophone and a stretched-out keyboard. The beat holds up very well, and has recently gotten recognition in the hip-hop community, being used by the likes of Big K.R.I.T., Tyga and J. Cole.

What else to check out this week:

Deep End – Coucheron

Broadripple is Burning – Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s

Time is Millionaire – Sparrow

BADBADNOTGOOD ft. Ghostface Killah – Gunshowers ft. Elzhi

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