HODES: It’s World Series time in KC

Who doesn’t love an underdog? The Royals’ postseason success, along with the way they have handled it, has brought much attention to the Kansas City area. The attitude of the team and the manner in which they play the game has made them “America’s Team” (for the rest of October).

They’re also the perfect team to represent Kansas City on a national stage. Think of the last time you heard of one of this year’s Royals getting arrested or fighting during a game. The Royals represent an attitude of working hard and working the right way. Alex Gordon, Billy Butler and Mike Moustakas have all been sent down to Omaha early in their careers and had to work their ways back up. All three have been key contributors in the postseason. Jarrod Dyson and Terrance Gore both made it from tiny community colleges to the MLB. This team is full of players who have had to face adversity in their careers, which makes them relatable to fans across the country.

With a postseason absence of twenty-nine years, the Royals are rewriting their history and their future. Whether the series ends with victory or defeat, the Royals are in better position than they have in a long time.

Prior to the Royals’ achievements, Kansas City was known for two things: fountains and barbecue. With the addition of Sporting KC’s MLS Cup championship and the Chiefs reaching the playoffs, the Royals have solidified Kansas City’s prominence in the sports world.

As the Royals grow more popular, it only means increased profit. Eric Hosmer’s jersey is the third most sold jersey in the MLB, behind Derek Jeter and Yadier Molina. With the profit from the Wild Card, ALDS, ALCS and future World Series games, the Royals will be able to increase payroll.

Recently, the Royals have been “making do” with the players and staff they have which has transformed their style of play. The Royals have been defeating opponents by playing small ball, winning postseason games by only one or two runs.

Although it’s beneficial to look to the future, this is all about the present. Tonight the Royals and Giants will begin the 110th MLB World Series. This marks only the second time two Wild Card teams have faced each other in the World Series.

The Royals will enter their third World Series tonight trying to win the franchise’s second title while the Giants are participating in their twenty-third World Series in search of their eighth.

As the World Series begins tonight with the clash of two aces, people in Kansas City and around the country anticipate the continuation of a Blue October and victory for “America’s team”

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