Internet Gem: “The Bus Stop Dancing Queen”

From youtube videos and funny pictures, to insightful articles and meaningful human moments, the internet has it all. In this new recurring piece, Prep News Backpage editor Sam Holland explores the internet, looking for examples of what makes it such an amazing medium of communication, by sharing an “Internet Gem” each week.


This video is the definition of an internet “gem” video. It’s shows a woman, Ellie Cole, grooving to music on her mp3 player as she waits for the bus. What makes this video hysterical is the fact that she is unknowingly being filmed and someone was able to just simple put the song “Dancing Queen” by Abba over the sound of the video and her dances perfectly go along with Abba’s hit song. The video was an overnight sensation on the internet and it was later found that Cole was actually listening to the song “Knock Down” by Alesha Dixon. The original video was named “Eastleigh’s Got Talent” but duplicate videos have given Cole the title, “Bust Stop Dancing Queen.”

The funniest part is that she plays it off as if she’s just waiting for the bus and she looks around as if she’s minding her own business, but in actuality she’s doing a dance that eventually ended up changing her life. Since it’s upload to the internet, Cole earned a job at a theatre because of the attention she got from the video.

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