Q&A: Zak Wright

Zak Wright is a junior and will be playing a lead role in the theatre department’s production of Molly Sweeney, which opens later this week.

Who is your character in Molly Sweeney?

My character is Frank Sweeney who is the husband of Molly Sweeney. Frank is very involved in charity work.

Can you give a brief summary of what Molly Sweeney is about?

Molly Sweeney is about a woman who has been blind her entire life. Eventually, she meets a man, Frank Sweeney, whom she marries. Frank Sweeney works with Mr. Rice, the disgraced ophthalmologist, to restore Molly’s sight.

Why did you try out for this position in the play?

I did not try out for this specific part; however, I auditioned for both of the Rockhurst plays and was chosen for the role of Frank.

What can the audience expect from the play?

Molly Sweeney is a play filled with drama complemented with the occasional funny parts.

How have you been preparing for the play?

I have been persistently memorizing my lines and have been practicing at rehearsals. I also spent time analyzing Frank’s motives and personality so that I can emulate him to the best of my ability.

What characters are in the play?

Molly Sweeney is played by Catherine Whitmer and Mr. Rice is played by Stephen Schier. The play only has three characters.

What is it like being in a play with only 3 people?

Being in a play with only 3 people is pretty different from plays with a larger cast. I prefer working with more people in a larger play because it is more fun. The biggest difference between this play and large-cast plays is that a smaller casts means more lines for everyone. The length of the play is pretty standard (about 1.5 hours). That means I have to know 1/3 of the whole play. So it takes more work individually and not as much together.

What is the set like for the play? How many different sets are there?

The set consists of two platforms with chairs on either side of the stage and a rug with a couch for Molly. This is the only set that stays constant throughout the play.

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