Varsity Football: Kickapoo preview

The Rockhurst Hawklets will host the Kickapoo Chiefs this Friday, following last weeks dominant victory over Lees Summit North in their first playoff game of the season. Kickapoo is also coming off a big win against Joplin, after the first week of the Missouri high school football postseason. Although Rockhurst has been rolling since theirContinue reading “Varsity Football: Kickapoo preview”

Tracks of the week: NEEDTOBREATHE, Michael Kiwanuka, and Bad Books

NEEDTOBREATHE – “The Heart” My favorite part about this particular song is the progression from simple folk, to more intricate poppy folk mixture. The lead singer starts off with only a simple guitar riff backing him, and a muffled, rhythmic stomp. But as the song continues, piano joins in, followed by a synthesizer, xylophone andContinue reading “Tracks of the week: NEEDTOBREATHE, Michael Kiwanuka, and Bad Books”

KOUTELAS: Royals gave it their all, made a city proud

So close, yet so far away. Yes, it’s a cliche saying, but it holds to be true for the Royals after losing in game 7 of the World Series. The Royals had great defense, a solid rotation and a downright dominant bullpen, but honestly none of that matters when Madison Bumgarner is on the moundContinue reading “KOUTELAS: Royals gave it their all, made a city proud”

Tracks of the Week: Darwin Deez, Wild Party, Souls of Mischief

Darwin Deez – “Radar Detector” If anything, Darwin Deez has a very distinct sound, and Radar Detector is a good barometer of what that sound is. Most of Deez’s songs are very poppy, while having a very lo-fi beat. He is geared much more towards the actual sound of his samples, rather than trying toContinue reading “Tracks of the Week: Darwin Deez, Wild Party, Souls of Mischief”

Q&A: Mr. Hicks on his unique teaching style

Students who have had Mr. Matthew Hicks as a teacher know his teaching style isn’t necessarily the most orthodox. Mr. Hicks often tells stories from his life in class, and his jokes are always popular among both his freshmen and seniors. Although “I digress…” has practically become his catch phrase, Mr. Hicks understands that hisContinue reading “Q&A: Mr. Hicks on his unique teaching style”

FRANKE: Surviving the Pressure Cooker

I sat in my sixth hour english class listening to Mr. Hagedorn discuss the phenomenon he deems “junior stress syndrome,” when a relatively simple question caught my attention. How many of you are involved in so many activities and interests that you can’t find the time to genuinely enjoy any of them? Without a word,Continue reading “FRANKE: Surviving the Pressure Cooker”

HODES: It’s World Series time in KC

Who doesn’t love an underdog? The Royals’ postseason success, along with the way they have handled it, has brought much attention to the Kansas City area. The attitude of the team and the manner in which they play the game has made them “America’s Team” (for the rest of October). They’re also the perfect teamContinue reading “HODES: It’s World Series time in KC”

Varsity Football: Jefferson City Preview

After travelling to Jefferson City to face-off against Helias last Thursday, Rockhurst will be hosting Jefferson City High School in this Friday’s matchup. This will be the last regular season game for both teams, which each have high expectations entering the playoffs. Rockhurst aims to end a successful regular season with their seventh win inContinue reading “Varsity Football: Jefferson City Preview”

Internet Gem: “The Bus Stop Dancing Queen”

From youtube videos and funny pictures, to insightful articles and meaningful human moments, the internet has it all. In this new recurring piece, Prep News Backpage editor Sam Holland explores the internet, looking for examples of what makes it such an amazing medium of communication, by sharing an “Internet Gem” each week.   This videoContinue reading “Internet Gem: “The Bus Stop Dancing Queen””