SAVAGE: For the empty coffee table

As I started to ponder the idea of a blog, many things came to mind. The racial injustice in Ferguson Missouri, the effects of technology at school, or perhaps a wistful narrative about how senior year is going by so quickly. Then I thought, all these issues have already been covered and everyone knows about them. You know what people really care about? Coffee table books. This is a comprehensive account of the best, worst and most outrageous ones out there.

5.Underwater Dogs
If you know any dog lovers, this book would make the perfect gift. This book is filled with larger than life pictures of canine companions swimming and jumping into the water to catch a ball. This teeth, fur and whisker filled catalogue is sure to be a staple to the home of any dog lover.

4.Extraordinary Chickens
Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Wow, that is an extraordinary chicken”?. If so, then look no further for the perfect addition to your coffee table. This book contains photos of sassy chickens with mohawks, chickens that look like dogs and many chickens that look strangely similar to Chewbacca. As if this weren’t enough to pique your interest, there are also detailed sections on chickens feet and “sculptural combs”.

3.Down in the Garden
From the mind of Anne Geddes, a self described “baby freak”, comes the freakier book of pictures of babies posing as natural elements to the garden. These seriously troubling photographs will leave you questioning why there is a babys head in the middle of a flower, or why there are giant anatomically correct butterfly wings on a baby.

2.American Mountain People
Just like afros, Saturday Night Fever and disco music, “American Mountain People” is a relic of the wonderful 1970s. This book prominently features decrepit farmers and people representing a simplicity long gone in today’s world. If you ever want to sap a romantic mood, just proudly open up this compilation filled with sad old people on your coffee table.

Kim Kardashian has done it again! This 352-page narrative of the life of one of the most brilliant celebrities of all time is sure to be a best seller. Perfect for those winter evenings when you can just grab a cup of hot chocolate and sit down to shelve through some selfies. The inspiration for this masterpiece came after Kim gave her husband, Kanye West, a book of promiscuous selfies for Valentines Day. You can look for this book in stores by April 7. This is Kim Kardashians gift to the world, enjoy!

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