SLAYMAKER: Chiefs look sharper in week three

The Kansas City Chiefs looked very much like a team determined to win on Sunday afternoon in Miami. Not only did they beat the competitive Dolphins by 19 points on the road, but they did it without key players such as Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry, and Derrick Johnson. As bad as the Chiefs looked during week one, they have seemed to turn it around for weeks two and three.

Alex Smith is beginning to look like the player that the Chiefs dished out $15.1 million to before the season. After looking dismal in Week 1, he went for 185 yards and three touchdowns against the Dolphins, recording a Quarterback rating of 136.0 (that’s really good). To add to these impressive stats, he rushed for 17 yards on two carries and did a superb job of throwing the ball and escaping pressure to get the Chiefs into prime positions to score.

Though the wide receivers still seem nonexistent, and granted, there is very little talent at this position in Kansas City, the passing took on its usual look. To explain, Kansas City had plenty success throwing and executing the short yardage throws. This success was most prevalent in the example of Joe McKnight, the third team halfback, who was only on the field due to the absence of Jamaal Charles. Tag Teaming with Knile Davis, McKnight caught six balls on slants, screens, and passes over the middle, piling up 64 yards and 2 touchdowns

While on the topic of running backs, the previously mentioned Knile Davis rushed for 132 yards on 32 carries to set up the pass in a very balanced offense.

The Chiefs’ line had its struggles, but that can be expected of a team who has lost a couple of crucial starters. The defense looked potent once again, totaling 4 sacks, and only giving up 13 points to the Miami offense.

The skies above Arrowhead look blue once again, and the Chiefs have an important Monday night game with New England on the 29th. New England has looked weak this year, losing to Miami and only beating a substandard Oakland team by 7. The Chiefs should take full advantage of what should be a large crowd and improve their record to 2-2.

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