Sophomore goalie steps up on varsity

After winning the state championship last year, Rockhurst has begun a new soccer season in search for another title. But with the new year came the loss of many key players, including starting goalie Doc Reed. In need of a new starting goalie, Rockhurst found sophomore Nick Moyer.

As a sophomore team goalie last year, Moyer had a lot of ground to make up to play for the varsity team. “Since I was on sophomore team last year and there were three upperclassmen goalies ahead of me, with a good incoming freshman too, I didn’t know what my chances were,” Moyer said.

Although his chances may not have been high, he worked hard to improve his skills and earned himself the starting varsity spot. “The coaches kept me working over the summer and kept me in rhythm. They also helped me to get more comfortable and simply, be better,” Moyer said.

Over the summer, Moyer plays for the Rio Blaze alongside many other Rockhurst soccer players like Alex Siro, Cole Hickam, Miles Parry, Nivardo Bailey and several more. The ability to create a chemistry with teammates he will play with in the high school season benefitted his game as a whole. It allowed for him to be comfortable with his team whom he knew he could trust to make plays when necessary.

Moyer also spent many practice hours with former Rockhurst varsity goalie, Garrett Loehr. “As well as working with Garrett, I ran often, played in the St. Louis showcase, and did the 6V6 league,” Moyer said. Constant repetitions and effort allowed Moyer to take his game to a completely new level.

The jump from sophomore team to varsity comes with a new style of play. “Varsity is a lot more physical, the training is a lot harder, and everything is just a lot quicker,” Moyer said. The large change in the style of play forced Moyer to adapt to it. He had to adjust to the faster pace, harder shots and had to be a lot more vocal to help his defenders.

Even though some players may have been surprised when Moyer was named starting goalie, none can complain about the results. To win his first four varsity games in goal is an impressive accomplishment for a player with such little experience at such a high level.

With Moyer as the starting varsity goalie, the team has seven wins and three losses on the season so far. Four of those victories were shutouts.

Rockhurst can only expect great things from Moyer and can expect experience to assist him in the next few years.

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