Q&A: Binh Ngo takes the long trip back home


For most students at Rockhurst, summer is a time for travel. But few students travel for the same reason as sophomore Binh Ngo. This past summer, Ngo returned to visit his hometown in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Binh answered the following questions detailing his trip.

Why did you go back to Vietnam last summer?

I went back to Vietnam to visit many of my relatives and friends whom I have not seen for over two years.

How many times have you been to Vietnam? Will you go back again?

I had been living in Vietnam for 14 years before I moved to the United States. This trip was my first trip back there. I think I will go back again if I have a chance because I feel like it’s where I was raised and where I belong.

How long is the flight to Vietnam?                          

The flight to Vietnam is about a day long.

How is life in Vietnam different from life in the United States?

Life is so different from the United States. It was 100 degrees for much of the time we were there, and we did not have air conditioners. We use mostly motorcycles for transportation, but the roads only have 2 lanes for opposite sides. The one lane on each side of the road has to be shared by bicyclists, motorcyclists, and truck or car drivers. Some of the things that are different and cool in Vietnam include the following: there are countless people who go to church everyday including children and adults, there are more restaurants which have food that I like, and there are a lot more beggars walking around.

Binh grandpa
Ngo’s grandfather poses on his motorcycle

What activities did you do on your trip back to Vietnam?

I rode my grandfather’s motorcycle around the town to visit friends and family.

What was the most memorable experience of your trip?

Our money got stolen, $2000, and we did not know who stole it. The only thing that we know is that was not the first time our stuff has got stolen in my homeland.

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