SLAYMAKER: Chiefs missed opportunity in week one

With the Chiefs’ performance on Sunday, Kansas City fans have already started reading analysis of college stars like Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston and others to revamp the team. While this may seem grim, the reality is simple enough: the Chiefs got beaten badly by one of the worst teams on their schedules.

Kansas City entered the season with much more hype than they did last year, looking to repeat their impressive 11-5 record from the previous season. Jamaal Charles was returning from an impressive season, as was Justin Houston, Derrick Johnson and Alex Smith, who is one of the best game managers in the NFL.

Additionally, the Chiefs looked as if they would pick up an early win against a Tennessee team with no feature running back and a quarterback in Jake Locker who has never produced more than 10 touchdown passes in a season. The Titans were being downplayed as a team that would maybe reach six wins, while many saw the Chiefs as a Wild Card team this season.

But football is a hard game to predict. Just as the Patriots and Bears were expected to cruise to blowout wins, the Titans were expected to lose. However, none of those things happened, and the Titans thoroughly embarrassed Kansas City at a nearly full Arrowhead Stadium.

All-star running back Jamaal Charles totaled 19 rushing yards and 34 total yards. Alex Smith threw 3 interceptions with a horrific quarterback rating of 45.2, and Derrick Johnson, the team’s defensive captain, is out for the season with a torn achilles tendon.

The Chiefs look as if they will have a bad season, yet not all skies are dark. Travis Kelce had three receptions for 49 yards, and Donnie Avery caught seven passes for 84 yards. Also, Dwayne Bowe returns from suspension in Week Two, as does Donald Stephenson in Week Five. While the Chiefs will regain some of their lost pieces, they also play one of the toughest schedules in the NFL, including matchups with New England, Denver, and Seattle.

Week 2 Prediction: Denver 38, Kansas City 10

Season Prediction: 4-12


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