Tracks of the Week: SZA, John Prine, and Delta Spirit

SZA – “Child’s Play” (feat. Chance the Rapper) (produced by. XX)

This song is laid back personified. The slow moving beat mixed with SZA’s airy voice allows the listener to drift off and become encompassed by the mellow sound. Chance the Rapper jumps in out of nowhere on this song. The beat is not really the typical hip hop sound, and he is a high energy kind of guy. But if Chance can do one thing, it is flow over an eccentric beat. It seems there is little suitable rhythm in this song for Chance to latch onto, but he somehow finds it and delivers a solid verse. SZA’s debut album went under the radar at release, but gems like this one make it a worthwhile listen.

John Prine – “Pretty Good”

At some point country moved on from cowboys and cattle to a little sub genre I like to call hillbilly/redneck country. Lyrically, there is not much substance, and the instrumental is, at the very least, mildly rock influenced. Pretty Good is the epitome of hillbilly country.The lyrics are funny if you delve into them, and the music sounds good, making it the perfect kind of music for just hanging out.

Delta Spirit – “Strange Vine”

In this track off of the aptly named album “Ode to Sunshine”, Delta Spirit follows the blueprint set up already by bands like Vampire Weekend; they have a fast, upbeat drum-line, mixed with higher pitched guitar riffs and vocals. While the basis of the song has been done before, Delta Spirit gives their own unique sound to the song with exotic instruments like castanets sprinkled throughout. Summer’s almost over sadly, so add this to your playlist while you still can.

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