Hawklets can’t hold early lead, lose to Webb City

Staff writer Eli Pittman contributed to this piece.

Through hours of rain delays, the Rockhurst Varsity football team had a disappointing week two, losing to the the Webb City Cardinals 40-14.

The Hawklets, hot off their dominant performance last week, scored the first two touchdowns of the game, with a touchdown catch by senior Jimmy Dixon and a run by senior Kiah Kintchen. But, after a fumble in the subsequent possession, the Cardinals were able to change the course of the game, scoring 27 unanswered points before half-time.

“We started out great, and then the momentum changed,” junior offensive tackle Brendan McConnell said.

The Cardinal’s ability to possess the ball was key to their assertive victory. Rockhurst held possession for 14 minutes and 25 seconds, while Webb City was able to keep the ball for 33 minutes and 35 seconds. This allowed the Cardinals to run a total of 47 more offensive plays than the Hawklets.

While only a division 4A team, Webb City has lost just five out of their last141 games, making their lower division hardly a concern when playing powerhouse teams like Rockhurst. All throughout the night, their offense looked well-oiled and perfectly in sync. Their defense was obviously familiar with the system Rockhurst was running. According to senior varsity football manager Ryan Conners, part of Webb City’s success defensively was a byproduct of watching a lot of film.

The game was delayed after half-time as a storm moved in but was continued around 9:45. Again, the Hawklets looked promising out of the gate, but a fumble on the opening drive set up a disappointing half as Webb City scored twice more before the final whistle.

“We have to play better than we did after the first two touchdowns. We have to be able to stop people on defense in big situations and have to be able to score in big situations,” McConnell said.

Next week, the Hawklets travel to Bentonville, Ark. to face Bentonville High School.

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