Varsity Soccer: Week Two Recap

As the second week of the season comes to a close, the Rockhurst Hawklets advance to 4-0 with two shutout victories over Raymore Peculiar and Columbia Hickman. Rockhurst beat both Raymore Peculiar and Hickman by scores of 3, nil.

In the Raymore Peculiar game, the Hawklets were able to establish ball control and domination very early on, but were not able to score until a corner kick from senior Robert Dewitt assisted a goal by senior Jordan Evans in the 37th minute. Quickly after the first goal, the Hawklet offense created another drive and scored in the 39th minute with a goal from junior Keaton Schieffer, assisted by junior Wil Boatman. With the offense heating up, Rockhurst went into halftime leading 2, nil.

Coming out of halftime the Hawklets were able to pick up right where they left off. Rockhurst was able to gain almost total ball control in the second half, keeping the ball on Raymore Peculiar’s half of the field. The Hawklets were able to finalize their lead and clench their third victory after a goal in the 73rd minute from senior Jordan Evans (his second of the match) assisted by freshman Camden Schieffer.

The match against Hickman did not begin in the same fashion that the Raymore Peculiar game concluded. The first half was defined by a stalemate in the mid-field, with each side gaining ball control only for a short while. Short runs toward the goal were made by both teams, one of which resulted in a Rockhurst goal by junior Cole McLagan, putting Rockhurst up 1, nil. No offensive spark was created by this goal like in earlier games. Instead, the stalemate in mid-field continued throughout the half.

The second half was a different story for the Rockhurst Hawklets. The offense fired up and gained ball control, making frequent long runs into the Hickman defense. These runs culminated in a goal from junior Cole McLagan in the 72nd minute and a goal from senior Javier Mendez in the 78th minute, allowing Rockhurst to seize a 3, nil victory over Columbia Hickman.

The Hawklet’s first four games spell promising things for the team as a whole. The key factor in Rockhurst’s success thus far has been the team’s ability to possess and control the ball. The ball control, along with smart passes, has led to goal scoring and an effectively aggressive offense. The Hawklets will hope to continue their dominance of both in-game possession and of the scoreboard throughout the season.

Next Game:
Date/time: Tuesday, September 2. 7:00.
Opponent: Shawnee Mission West
Location: Shawnee Mission District Soccer Complex

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