Tracks of the Week: Joywave, Childish Gambino, and El Guincho

Joywave – “Tongues”

From start to finish this song gives off a happy vibe through it’s upbeat tempo and it’s interesting production. In particular the pitched and distorted vocals in the beginning start off the song strongly, while giving it a sound distinct from other indie pop songs that have been making the rounds recently. The singing is fine, but it’s really the production elements in this song that make it so enjoyable.

Childish Gambino – “Candler Road”

“Candler Road” was dropped out of the blue by Childish Gambino earlier this week. The song starts off with an aggressive beat in the first half, which Gambino matches with a braggadocios in your face approach, labeling himself as the “last great American poet”, among other things. What helps this song stand out though is the bubbly, poppy beat switch. Gambino again follows the beats lead and switches up his approach with singing and less aggressive emotion in his delivery. Whether this song was cut from his last project, Because the Internet, or is a tease for a new work is unknown at this point in time. Either way, it’s always nice to have new material to listen to.

El Guincho – “Bombay”

While this song cannot exactly be described as unknown, winning best song of the year in the Spanish magazine Rockdelux, it never really made it’s rounds here in the U.S. The track is backed by a simple but catchy beat, accented beautifully by steel drums. The vocals are fun to listen to, which is all one can really ask for in a foreign song. Sometimes you don’t have to know what the artist’s are saying, all that matters is how it sounds.

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