Welcome to the Prep News Online

Welcome to pnonline.org, the new and improved Prep News website. Here at the Prep News, we have wanted to improve and expand our online presence for several years. The current generation of Rockhurst students is one that increasingly relies on online sources to stay informed, and we feel that, as Rockhurst’s only student-produced newspaper, we have a duty to provide information in the format which students are most comfortable accessing.

The Prep News online is a news source made by students, for students, and will be updated daily. Content on the site will range from hard news, to student lifestyle blogs, to an updated lunch menu, to satire pieces. The website format gives us the capability to update students on news as it happens, so we will be able to write many pieces that we wouldn’t normally be able to write in the print editions.

The site will be run by Managing Editor of the Online Paul Heinemann, Associate Managing Editor of the Online Jack Franke and Online Copy Editor Kyle Savage under the leadership of Executive Editor Zach Klamann and Publications Advisor Mr. Daniel Hrdlicka.

Over the next week or so, the site will be updated with a few pieces by members of the Prep News editorial board, so make sure to check back next week for new content. Beginning in early September, a full schedule of daily content written by the entire Prep News staff (3 or 4 pieces a day), will begin. Explore the different tabs of the site to get explanations of the kinds of content you can expect.

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