Mad Max- Movie Review

By Ian Mulkey

     I have seen this movie probably around a dozen times and each time is just as interesting and fun. In short, Mad Max is an amazing movie, even if you don’t like bloody thrillers. Make no mistake, this movie is supposed to be a montage of deadly car chases with flamethrowers and sawblades in the middle of a post-apocalyptic Australian desert; however, that is not the main reason I continue to watch this movie again and again. The main reason is the characters and the script.

     The main character, Max, is played by Tom Hardy, one of my favorite actors of all time. While this character is incredibly powerful in every sense of the word, he still has a large shift in ideals and experiences a true arch. He starts out as worried about only himself but, as the movie progresses, we see him become committed to a larger cause and learns to trust the other characters. That is the main theme of the movie, trust. All of the characters start out distrustful but learn that they are more likely to survive mutated psychopaths if they can truly trust one another. The other main character is Furiosa and she also has this large shift, eventually trusting Max with her life.

     All of these character changes are not exemplified through talking but rather the actions they do while in combat. It is impressive how this movie makes you understand what the characters are feeling with such few words. The costumes are perfect because they are meant to be chaotic and made out of metal scraps. The special effects and lighting are also very good but not very noteworthy because they are standard for a major Hollywood budget.

     This movie won a total of 6 awards: Best Film Editing, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Sound Editing. One very underrated feature of this movie is the music and soundtrack. As a

Looking Forward to Football Season

     With a new season of football a little over three months away (if all goes well in the world) there are many fans thinking their team will go to the Superbowl. The Cowgirls fans as always thinking it’s their year… every year. Right now, the Kansas City Chiefs have the best odds of winning the Super Bowl with a +400 and a predicted record of 13-3.     

     Coming off a Superbowl win this past season Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the Chiefs should have their sights set on yet another Super Bowl win.  The Ravens are mentioned in the Super Bowl conversation with a  +800 odds and a predicted record of 14-2. Having the Madden cheat code player Lamar Jackson on their roster, this isn’t a farfetched goal for the Ravens. The Cowgirls tied with the Eagles for the most hated fanbase in football have pretty decent odds +1300 this year both teams are predicted to go 11-5.

     Junior Jake Scharr, an avid Chiefs fan believes they’ll win another Super Bowl, “There’s no doubt in my mind that the Chiefs will win another one this year.” When asked about how much trouble the Ravens will cause he was open, “I think that Lamar Jackson specifically will disrupt the league again. He is very fast and has an arm I think almost every team is going to have trouble when it comes to him.”

Yellowstone Review

     “Yellowstone” is a television show on the Paramount Network which first debuted on June 20, 2018. The show’s main character is played by Hollywood legend, Kevin Costner. Costner plays John Dutton, a sixth-generation homesteader and devoted father of four. Dutton owns the largest ranch in all of the United States. Dutton has to call for aid from his children after his land is threatened by the leader of an Indian Reservation, Thomas Rainwater.

     The Duttons are a family of ranchers in Montana. John Dutton has four children, Kayce Dutton, Beth Dutton, Jaime Dutton, and Lee Dutton. From the start of these children’s lives, they have faced tragedy. When Jaime and Beth were young their mother, Evelyn Dutton, decides to go out for a ride with them. Kayce and Evelyn are doing just fine, but Beth is struggling with her horse. Later on their ride, Beth accidentally loses control of her horse and gallops ahead, which causes her mother’s horse to go crazy. The horse bucks her mom to the ground and the horse falls onto her.  Evelyn’s lungs collapse. John ends up noticing that they’ve been gone too long, so he goes out with a search party to look for them. He finds Beth in the middle of a field and she leads John to his wife only to find by that time she had passed away with a crying Kayce mourning on top of her.

     Throughout the series, you can see Beth being burdened with the death of her mother, and that weighs her down. Kayce is a former marine who is at the start of the show living on the Indian Reservation with his wife, a Native American. This is a gigantic conflict throughout the series because Kayce has to always choose a side- his father and the ranch or his wife and the reservation he calls home. Jaime and Lee don’t face the same hardships as Beth and Kayce and they primarily just stay on the ranch helping out their father. This family has quite a bit of drama in it and it all gets tangled together when they come together on the ranch.

    I would give this television series, on a scale from 1-10, a nine because of the drama and the coming together as one of the Dutton Family and I thought it was a good change of scenery compared to other television shows.


Kansas City Chiefs Draft

 The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off their second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history. One of the ways that teams can improve their rosters is through the NFL Draft. The NFL Draft is an annual event that serves as the league’s most common source of player recruitment. Teams are able to choose the rights of players coming out of college to play for their team. The Chiefs selected the following players in the 2020 draft:

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Clyde Edwards Haire in action against UGA. Photo taken from Flickr


With the last pick in the first round, the Chiefs took running back out of Louisiana State University, Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Edwards-Helaire led the SEC in rushing touchdowns last season and he rushed for 1,414 yards in 2019, averaging 6.68 yards-per-rush while racking up seven 100-yard rushing games over the course of the year.




Willie Gay Jr.

With their second-round pick, the Kansas City Chiefs selected inside linebacker Willie Gay Junior. He missed the majority of last season due to a violation of team rules. Gay Jr. is from Mississippi State where he amassed 48 tackles, five sacks, and two interceptions as a sophomore in 2018. He is also one of the most athletic linebackers in the draft, only behind Isaiah Simmons in combine rating.

Lucas Niang 

In the third round, the Chiefs drafted offensive linemen Lucas Niang. Niang missed most of last season at Texas Christian University due to a hip injury. Before he was sidelined for the rest of the year, he was widely considered one of the best tackles in all of college football; in fact, Niang didn’t allow a sack in 27 career starts at TCU. 

L’Jarius Sneed

L’Jarius Sneed was Kansas City’s pick in the fourth round. Sneed is a defensive back who ran a 4.37 40-yard dash at the Combine, which ranked as the fourth-best time among all participants. He has a lot of versatility being able to play either safety or cornerback. No player in the FBS tallied more pick-sixes over the last four years than Sneed.

Mike Danna

Mike Danna selected in the fifth round by the Chiefs. Danna wrapped up his senior season at Michigan with 38 tackles, 3.0 sacks, and a forced fumble for the Wolverines. Danna had a much better junior year at Central Michigan before he transferred to Michigan. His junior year he was known as one of the best pass rushers in the nation and had almost double-digit sacks with 9 ½. 

BoPete Keyes

The Kansas City Chiefs traded back into the draft in the seventh round to select BoPete Keyes. One of the reasons they made this move is because they knew other teams would have interest in him as an undrafted free agent. A two-year starter at Tulane, Keyes racked up 85 tackles, 18 passes defended and two picks over his last 24 games for the Green Wave. Keyes stands at 6’1 and a 32-inch wingspan which offers some extra length to the Chiefs secondary.

Brent Faiyaz- Album Review


Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 9.19.42 AM.png
Brent Faiyaz in concert with permission from Google Images.


Christopher Brent Wood came out to the music world on January 19, 2015, as Brent Faiyaz with his debut single, “Allure”. Faiyaz would then release two albums and two EP’s after signing with Lost KiDs. Faiyaz’s newest album, “… The World”, made it big in the music charts and in my opinion is one of his best albums.

     My favorite song would have to be “Clouded” because of the buildup in the singing and the instrumentals in the background. The song is all in all a chill song that puts you in a mellow mood. 

     With Faiyaz’s calming voice, every song on the album speaks to you in a different way. The R&B artist speaks mainly about love or about losing friends and being alone which many people in this day and age can relate to. 

         I would give the album five stars because of the delivery of every song on the album. Faiyaz continues to bring his classic sound from his previous albums which is why I think this is one of his best albums. 

Last Dance Review

     The highly anticipated 10 part documentary Last Dance’, debuted its first two episodes on April 19. The documentary chronicles the story behind the dynasty of the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls, specifically their last championship. Originally scheduled for release in June 2020, but with the NBA season over, ESPN saw fit to move the documentary up two months to give basketball addicts something to bide our time with. 

     For huge basketball fans, the fact that this documentary was actually going to be released seemed like a dream. The opportunity to see, in my opinion, the greatest basketball player to ever live and his journey to becoming that and the tribulations that he went to that the public never knew about is amazing. This documentary shed a lot of light on the Chicago Bulls locker room, and I walked away with this in mind: Although they won six championships, it never seemed like the entire organization functioned as one unit. 



Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 8.39.54 AM.png
Pictured Michael Jordan taking a shot. Image courtesy of Google -free to use and share.



     The first two episodes of the documentary exceeded my expectations. The way that the filmmakers depicted Michael Jordan’s evolution from a high schooler getting cut from his varsity basketball team into a 6-time champion was masterful. My favorite thing so far about this documentary was how many perspectives we heard in just the first two episodes. In just the first two episodes alone, 50 different people shared their experiences with Jordan and the Bull’s dynasty. 

There were many factors that played into the downfall of the Chicago Bulls dynasty, but the elephant in the room was Jerry Krause, the general manager of the team. 

Just after watching the first two episodes, this documentary warrants a 9/10 score, solely based on the details presented and the unseen footage of the team, and also the timeline of the demise of the Chicago Bulls dynasty.

Movie Review- The Platform

     “The Platform” directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia released February 21, 2020.  Originally written in Spanish now available in English on Netflix. This movie hits everything that could be off-putting, cannibalism, blood, guts, communism, racism, killing a dog, and murder. The show centers around, Goreng, and his voluntary experience through a prison-like area called “the pit.” 

     The pit you find out has over 200 levels. A slab that starts at the top filled with food goes through all the levels. The people at the upper levels get to eat first and as much as they want. Goreng ends up hallucinating his dead old cellmates. He is forced to go through extreme starvation and gluttony. In an effort to disrupt the pit he and his third cellmate Baharat and stay on the slab and give out rations. They realize when they come across a wise man that they also need a symbol which is a perfectly put together plate, but it ends up being a little kid they find at the bottom. Following this, the action looks more like The Walking Dead when they fight zombies.

     The message is pretty clear about society’s greed and about the people controlling it because if everyone rationed, they all would’ve lived. For shock factor, I give it a solid 9/10 due to the sheer amount of obscene stuff you watch compared to a movie you’d see at AMC. The ending I would’ve rated a 10/10, but you never find out what happens, so I’m giving it a 7/10 because it’s not what you expect, but makes perfect sense when you think about it. The storyline greatly aided by flashbacks is a 10 because it constantly keeps you attentive trying to figure out what’s going to happen next. Overall a  movie that I would recommend watching.

Mad Men – Series Review

Mad Men.jpg
The cast of Mad Men.  Courtesy of Google Images labeled for reuse.

Mad Men: A Show About Advertisement

This Review has SPOILERS!

        Created by director Matthew Weiner, the television drama “Mad Men” dominated television screens across the country. Running from 2007 to 2015, the show won four Golden Globes and 16 Emmys while simultaneously captivating audiences with its combination of a 1960s high life environment and it’s realistic and down to earth characters. 

        The show somewhat tackles the life lesson that oftentimes what we think will bring us a world of happiness rarely ever follows through. And from time to time, that mistake can make a dramatic change in our lives. 

        “If you don’t like what they’re saying about you, change the conversation” are the words Don Draper (John Hamm) shares from time to time with his coworkers. Draper appears to be an ad man in 1960s New York City, writing slogans for companies and coming up with ideas for commercials. Draper is viewed as a giant by his coworkers for his skills in the craft and his ability to live life on the edge with a calm demeanor. When he’s not buried in his work, smoking on the job, or drinking with his coworkers, he’s at home with his wife Betty (January Jones), and their children.

        While Draper has a seemingly admirable life, deep down inside he holds a dark secret that could send his world crumbling down in a matter of seconds. Draper is hiding that prior to the Korean War, he was known as Dick Whitman, a poor orphan who lived on a farm and had seemingly no future. However, sometime during the war, he switched dog tags with a dead man in order to escape the war, adopting the life of Lieutenant Donald Draper.

        Instead of being a poor orphan farm boy who had little to no future, Whitman saw a dark chance to escape the life of poverty by convincing the world he was dead and became one of the most respected men in the advertising industry. When Whitman didn’t like the way he saw himself, he “changed the conversation” by adopting a new life of wealth and optimism.

        The seven-season show uses Don Draper to show the life lesson that oftentimes what we think will bring us happiness rarely follows through. Whitman went as far as stealing another man’s life in order to remold himself into what he imagines is a picture-perfect man. However,

However, throughout the series, he comes to find that it’s difficult to fulfill his life by simply switching characters.

Quarantine Recipes

By Thomas Holmes

     With the current virus keeping many people in their homes, it may be hard to head to the store. That being said, there are plenty of amazing foods that can be made with ingredients that are probably already in most homes.

     The first recipe is a tortilla pizza. Making a tortilla pizza is easy. Simply heat a pan with some oil on it, put a sauce of your choice on the tortilla, then top with whatever you like. One great one is a barbeque chicken pizza, which uses barbeque sauce as the sauce and is topped with chicken, cheese, and onion.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 9.58.15 AM.png
Tortilla pizza

     Another thing that’s easy to make at home is mac and cheese. To make a killer mac and cheese sauce, simply mix a quarter cup of butter, a quarter cup of flour, 2 cups of milk, and 2 cups of the cheese of your choice. Make your favorite pasta to pour it over and you’re ready to go.

      If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can make peanut butter cookies using only 3 ingredients. Simply mix a cup of peanut butter, an egg, and ¾ of a cup of granulated sugar. Bake for about 8 minutes and you’ll have simple and delicious peanut butter cookies.


Make sure you get some exercise to avoid weight gain.

NFL Off-season Moves

The National Football League had a very eventful offseason before the NFL Draft, which consisted of over 25 players joining a new team. We saw quarterbacks who’ve been under center with teams for over 15 years, like Tom Brady and Philip Rivers, moving on to new teams, to wide receivers seeking new places in trades. Some of the moves include the following:

Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady finally leaves the New England Patriots after winning six super bowls with them. Brady comes off an underwhelming 2020 campaign where he threw for 4057 yards which is his lowest in a full season since 2010. Brady joins a Tampa Bay team with a strong receiving core filled with weapons like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and OJ Howard.

Deandre Hopkins traded to the Arizona Cardinals. Hopkins leaves the Houston Texans where he’s been for seven seasons and has accumulated four Pro Bowls. Hopkins just finished a season where he was a member of the first-team All-Pro and had 1165 receiving yards and seven touchdowns. He joins an Arizona offense that has Kyler Murray, who just received Offensive Rookie of the Year and Larry Fitzgerald.

Darius Slay traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. Slay is a cornerback who’s been asking for a trade from the Detroit Lions for the past year and this offseason he finally got it. Last season, Slay had two interceptions and is a three-time Pro Bowler. Slay bolsters a very weak secondary in Philadelphia after the loss of safety Malcolm Jenkins.

Stefon Diggs traded to the Buffalo Bills. Diggs joins a Buffalo team that is in a very promising position to take the AFC East with the departure of Brady from the Patriots. Diggs wraps up his time with the Minnesota Vikings with his career-best in receiving yards, 1130 yards, and six touchdowns. Diggs joins a receiving core of John Brown, Cole Beasley, and Greg Olsen.